Thursday, March 29, 2007

My poses~~

Jiejie... i sit already.... y u dun wanna give me my treats......
dun like tt la...

Yeah!! know y i smiling so happy.. coz jiejie give me my treat le..
Oki.... i know i got a serious problem of lazy leg...
(jiejie: busy correcting her to sit correctly...)

yeah~~ finally jiejie give me my treat

Daevy Adoption Drive~

There is a adoption drive on 1st of April. This is not a prank...


Morning everyone,

This morning... i conquered jiejie pillow...
(Jiejie: This is a super bad sleeping position)

See me sleep untill "xiang xiang"

For your information, jie jie pillow is those foam pillow that follow the shape of the weight on the pillow.....
U know how comfy it is????
hehhe.... i make jiejie sleep on normal pillow and let me have this shape conforming pillow!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


About Me

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Hello people,

This is a basic intro of myself~

I am 3 yrs plus this yr, i had been adopted into my family in october 2006. Hehe ever since, i been eating quite a bit. Thanks to daddy whu always give "tou tou" give me his food...
I am 5.1 KG now!!!!

I am more of a human dog. When i go dog run, i will stick to the humans more or should i say the bench. I love to jump and run. Hehe yfandes jiejie say i am a high jumper in diguise. I love to sleep with my family members too~~