Monday, April 23, 2007

When jie jie is not around

mama and mei jiejie decides to torture me!!!

They decides to clean me in a washing machine

This is my delux pram... other doggies had their pram i got my trolley~
hehe juz kidding la... i dun go out in this fashion.

I walk or get hugged by daddy whu is my human pram~~~~


Yeah, i am so so happy today~~~

I got 3 presents~

- collar and leash tt pang kor kor bring back from taiwan for me
- #1 all system pin brush
- Nature's Variety Lamb and oatmeal~ tt also means i will not have hcf food anymore...

me posing with my presents~~~

Thursday, April 19, 2007

HCF Part 2~

Hi Everyone,

Yes~ its HCF part 2~
mum was up early to cook for me.

At 6am, she already finish cooking my food and leaving it to cool down in the pan.
And i was standing guard next to it till 8 am~ haha

Today menu: macaroni, broccoli, carrot and fish~

See me gulp the whole thing down.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


NB vension and brown rice is being recalled back
Check out:

Due to the recent cases of pet food recall...

Jiejie is going to give me HCF for quite a while. wahahaa All thanks to food recall.

I am going to enjoy the soft soft potato, green and tasty broccoli and the delicious fish fillet for next wk~~~

(Jiejie: yes due to too many cases of pet food recall, i tink its better to put her on HCF for a while till the situation is better. Then consider which brand to continue kibbles on. Hopefully she wun be addicted to HCF.)

I tink very difficult lei, how can we dogs resist the aroma of HCF.

I will post up my menu in a few days time hopefully.. wahaha

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tanjong Beach, Sentosa

Its a beautiful Sunday and a very happy one too.

I woke jiejie up in the morning, laz with her for a while and i realised something is not right...

ususally tt lazy bum wun move a inch till 9-10 am during wkends, but today she woke up exceptionally early.

Feed me my breakfast somemore, then begin to pack my stuff.

Y is she throwing my poo poo bag, water bowl, towel and etc into a bag.. She muz be taking me somewhere. And guess what!!!! We are going to the BEACH!!!

Today is my 1st time meeting jiejie friends and 2nd time to the beach with her.
Boy! jiejie even dress me up! See:
Then.. the long ride to the beach, we shall skip tt portion... coz its always the same thing i will juz nap on jie jie lap.. haha
When we reach the beach, its was a very very good weather.
Then the humans.. lure me into the water and i did try out the sea bravely this time.
I din really go swimming coz my stupid jiejie din bring her extra set of clothing..
I am swimming~~~~
Wet Look~
Saw a lot of doggiefriends today.. but my jie is too busy to snap pictures.. so there is only 2 we manage to took. hehe
Nora, A springer spaniel x golden retriever whu loves her frisbee to bits haha
If i am not wrong, this is a St bernard, 1st time i see it in singapore.
Look at the size..... its huge!!!
After admiring the other dogs, the humans had their fingerfood lunch. Jiejie decided its too hot for me to continue staying there. So we left.
Checking out the patch of grass before we left
I K.O. on the way back.....
And till now... i am still very tired.. yawn... i tink i need 2-3 days to recupperate.
Mum is going to call me the "mei yong" dog again....
See ya next time folks~~~

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Post CNY

oki oki.. i know.. CNY had past by 2 mths.. i am very outdated...

but i juz wanna post my cute cute cny photo for u all to see!!!

Neither Watchdog Nor Guarddog

Due to the recent discussion in Ds, my jiejie begin evaluating me...Whether i am a guard dog or a watch dog..

Turns out...

I am neither both...

Hahaa, i am a lazy dog tt goes for food and trust strangers completely..

1. When strangers stand at my door, i dun bark, i juz wag my tail. They might had something nice for me, you know??
2. When I heard strange noise outside, i rush to the door, but i will still look only. Dun wanna waste my bark
3. I see people come into my house, 1st ting i do.. Is to beg for people to carry or sayang me..
4. I only respond to commands when food is given....

and the list continues..............



Sunday..... jiejie decided not to bring me to the dog walk.. as she feels tt Pang korkor is too tired to bring both of us there... And Pang korkor leaving to Taiwan soon, so Jie got to accompany him buy his necessity..

As usual, i nua with jiejie untill 10+, she catch me to bath.

Eversince i started using #1-All system... Jiejie cannot lift her hand off my fur... she will suddenly dive her face into my fur.. and rubrub.
(jiejie: It really feels heavenly, never felt her fur go tt soft b4)

Then i am left to guard the house again...

From 1 pm till nite..... At least daddy got heart to pick me go farmmart at nite..

And.. i am not a guard dog or watch dog Dog... I failed in both...

Monday, April 2, 2007

Saturday - Dog Run

Hehe, Sat was my lucky day~

Daddy is not working due to "Qing Ming Jie" so jiejie persuaded him to bring me to the WCDR~
This is the 3rd time i am going there! So excited!!!

When jie put on my harness and collar for me.. i knew we are going to somewhere great!!!

Due to the recent downpour, WCDR is pretty muddy...
When i went in the 1st thing i did was to sprint to the nearest table, as i always do.. Then roll in the mud with jiejie and mummy screaming behind me!! haha

I think pics will speak better than me typing haha

Me looking rather blured sitting on my heavily padded seat hehe

"Are we there yet" Look

Meet a familar friend~ see we post!
And i got him to jump onto the table with him.. His M was saying this is the 1st time he ever attempt to jump on the benchs haha. I can become trainer le~

As usual, checking the place out

This is a nice looking sheltie, i think his name is Huskee, he got a really cute sister and they both look fab in their full coat.
(jiejie: Pity that i din snap his sis, she is moving too fast for my camera)

Oki, checking out with korkor

Sleeping.... Jiejie push me under the tap at the Carpark 1 toilet to wash off the mud before i get into daddy car~

At Nite~

Its a pity, i am gounded at home!! jiejie they all are going bibi house and i can't go... the reason being bibi M sister is afraid of dogs... even bibi the PR got to be lock inside the room, dad knowing i will scratch down bibi M door refuse to bring me out...

Leaving me to guard the house..... cry...

Bibi performing a stay for us~

This is bibi gal~ a 2yr + CKCS~ She is adopted too. And i can tell you... From the 1st day she enter her M family untill now.. she changed tremenously~

She is my god sister~ hahaha or dog sister.