Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Neither Watchdog Nor Guarddog

Due to the recent discussion in Ds, my jiejie begin evaluating me...Whether i am a guard dog or a watch dog..

Turns out...

I am neither both...

Hahaa, i am a lazy dog tt goes for food and trust strangers completely..

1. When strangers stand at my door, i dun bark, i juz wag my tail. They might had something nice for me, you know??
2. When I heard strange noise outside, i rush to the door, but i will still look only. Dun wanna waste my bark
3. I see people come into my house, 1st ting i do.. Is to beg for people to carry or sayang me..
4. I only respond to commands when food is given....

and the list continues..............

1 comment:

Maggie said...

Mom would love to have you around so I can learn from you! I bark just to hear myself bark sometimes!

Love ya lots,