Monday, April 23, 2007

When jie jie is not around

mama and mei jiejie decides to torture me!!!

They decides to clean me in a washing machine

This is my delux pram... other doggies had their pram i got my trolley~
hehe juz kidding la... i dun go out in this fashion.

I walk or get hugged by daddy whu is my human pram~~~~


Maggie said...

After you're done in the washing machine, do you go in the dryer or out on the clothesline??!! I'm getting a mental image of this and it's too funny! I can see you hanging on the clothesline by your ears! hahaha

Love ya lots,

~Sweety baby~ said...


We dun have a dryer at home.. so i guess i gotta make do with the clothesline to dry me under the sun~