Monday, April 2, 2007

Saturday - Dog Run

Hehe, Sat was my lucky day~

Daddy is not working due to "Qing Ming Jie" so jiejie persuaded him to bring me to the WCDR~
This is the 3rd time i am going there! So excited!!!

When jie put on my harness and collar for me.. i knew we are going to somewhere great!!!

Due to the recent downpour, WCDR is pretty muddy...
When i went in the 1st thing i did was to sprint to the nearest table, as i always do.. Then roll in the mud with jiejie and mummy screaming behind me!! haha

I think pics will speak better than me typing haha

Me looking rather blured sitting on my heavily padded seat hehe

"Are we there yet" Look

Meet a familar friend~ see we post!
And i got him to jump onto the table with him.. His M was saying this is the 1st time he ever attempt to jump on the benchs haha. I can become trainer le~

As usual, checking the place out

This is a nice looking sheltie, i think his name is Huskee, he got a really cute sister and they both look fab in their full coat.
(jiejie: Pity that i din snap his sis, she is moving too fast for my camera)

Oki, checking out with korkor

Sleeping.... Jiejie push me under the tap at the Carpark 1 toilet to wash off the mud before i get into daddy car~

At Nite~

Its a pity, i am gounded at home!! jiejie they all are going bibi house and i can't go... the reason being bibi M sister is afraid of dogs... even bibi the PR got to be lock inside the room, dad knowing i will scratch down bibi M door refuse to bring me out...

Leaving me to guard the house..... cry...

Bibi performing a stay for us~

This is bibi gal~ a 2yr + CKCS~ She is adopted too. And i can tell you... From the 1st day she enter her M family untill now.. she changed tremenously~

She is my god sister~ hahaha or dog sister.

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