Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tanjong Beach, Sentosa

Its a beautiful Sunday and a very happy one too.

I woke jiejie up in the morning, laz with her for a while and i realised something is not right...

ususally tt lazy bum wun move a inch till 9-10 am during wkends, but today she woke up exceptionally early.

Feed me my breakfast somemore, then begin to pack my stuff.

Y is she throwing my poo poo bag, water bowl, towel and etc into a bag.. She muz be taking me somewhere. And guess what!!!! We are going to the BEACH!!!

Today is my 1st time meeting jiejie friends and 2nd time to the beach with her.
Boy! jiejie even dress me up! See:
Then.. the long ride to the beach, we shall skip tt portion... coz its always the same thing i will juz nap on jie jie lap.. haha
When we reach the beach, its was a very very good weather.
Then the humans.. lure me into the water and i did try out the sea bravely this time.
I din really go swimming coz my stupid jiejie din bring her extra set of clothing..
I am swimming~~~~
Wet Look~
Saw a lot of doggiefriends today.. but my jie is too busy to snap pictures.. so there is only 2 we manage to took. hehe
Nora, A springer spaniel x golden retriever whu loves her frisbee to bits haha
If i am not wrong, this is a St bernard, 1st time i see it in singapore.
Look at the size..... its huge!!!
After admiring the other dogs, the humans had their fingerfood lunch. Jiejie decided its too hot for me to continue staying there. So we left.
Checking out the patch of grass before we left
I K.O. on the way back.....
And till now... i am still very tired.. yawn... i tink i need 2-3 days to recupperate.
Mum is going to call me the "mei yong" dog again....
See ya next time folks~~~

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