Friday, February 29, 2008

Thank you!

Hi doggie and girl girl,

Thank you for the support!

Its a magazine cover contest thus will be judge by their own selected judges. No public voting. Hehe

So we just have to cross our paws and pray!

For doggies in sg if your interested to take part, you can give Lundy from at 9180 3227.

Here is the link of the contenstant! Strong compeition!

I have 4 others photo which i will collect this weekend.
I keep you guys posted!

Meanwhile, enjoy ur wkend~ its FRIDAY!

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clubpets front cover compeition

Hi doggies and girl girl,

I hope everybody is doing great so far~

I did something really fun on Sunday! JJ brought me for a pet studio shoot!
Its actually a pet magazine coverdog contest!

This is the foto that JJ selected for the compeition.

I took abt 20-30 photos. JJ selected 5 as the final ones to be wash to 5R size.
When we collected the rest, we will upload it on the blog.

Wish us luck!!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine to all~

Hi Doggies and Girl Girl,

Happy Valentine and Happy Lunar New yr to everybody~

I wasn't able to take any pretty new yr outfit shoot as.... i outgrown my NEW YR clothes last yr.. i can't fit into it.. so.. JJ give up.. hahha

Hehe, this year both the singles in my family receive flowers from their love ones.

I only.. can sniff the flowers.. nobody send me any flowers *sob*

Anyway Sweety here wishes everybody a happy valentine day!!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hello i am back!!!!

Hi everybody,

I am back! Sorry for my absence in the blogging world for the past weeks. JJ is down with flu, sorethroat and the other typical flu bug stuff. So please excuse us for the disappearance act!

Ok... time for some catching up, i hope everybody is ok! Thanks for the lovely comments in the previous entry regarding the new layout. Actually i tink anybody with photoshop will be able to create what we did. IF anybody is interested, i get JJ to write up a tutorial~

Chinese new year is just round the corner, as a chinese tradition, most of hoosman will stock up lots of new stuff like new clothes, new hairstyle, festive food and other stuff. So... I am included too~ JJ called in YY groomer to groom me as well~

Tadaa~~~~ Hahaaa i look so much tidier am i?

Its a pretty fast process and i been super cooperative!

E JJ(my groomer) also put 2 cute ribbon on my head! JJ cannot resist the urge to snaps tons of picture at me. Hehe..

I hope the next entry will be me in my Chinese new yr clothing!

Lots of Love,