Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am BACK!!!!

Dear doggies and Girl girl,

Did anybody miss me??? Hehe.... sorry i had been disappearing for such a long time....

JJ had change a new job and she is busying getting use to the new joblife..... So... i gotta accomdate her and leave the blogging world for a while.. But i am back now!!!

We will try to update as much as possible. hehehe

Ok.... alot has happen since the last time i blogged... compeition is very high for the cover dog contest and we felt tt our chances are not high but we will keep our paws crossed!

A few weeks ago, I been licking my paws too much.... so JJ grounded me with a e-collar but i am not disturb by it at all... Still happily running around with it around my neck....

Yang yang came over for boarding during Easter day and boy..... We had such a great fun time..
HE is head over heels abt me! hahaha

Ok.... We are still looking thru the past wks photo and see if there is any more interesting photos to share with all of you... So bear with us... We are trying to catch up aha

We miss all of you dearly, do any of u miss us too? hehhee

Lots of Love,