Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I been awarded!

Hi doggies and Girl girl,

Snowball and Girl girl give me this Halloween Sweet Treat Award.

Thank you so much, this is the first time i been awarded by fellow bloggers!
I am going to give this award to Amber and her siblings, Maggie, lacylulu and Scrabby.

Its been raining cats and dogs recently, everybody do take care.
I been tickless so far so i am guessing when the weather is fine, JJ will bring me out~

Lot of Love,

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Boring Saturday

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for everybody concern. Currently, i am tick free as all of you know.. i been shaven down so spotting ticks on me is so easy.

Today is Saturday, why am i at home? JJ is suppose to bring me out for a swim but due to work we have to cancel it. I am so sad...

We ended up at home as JJ can work from home. These are some of the photos that she took of me using her free time.

I have no long fur from the top to the bottom. First time i see my "naked" tail.

ok... i am really bored.... I hope JJ can at least bring me out for a small walk tml.

Everybody enjoy ur wkend to the fullest!

(JJ: Hi everybody, i guess the tick season had announced its arrival. We dog owners have to buck up on tick prevention. Sweety is currenty tickless but my mum found some roaming in the house. We are still in the midst of sanatizing the house.

Amber: I was told that this bottle called Carrington dog wash is a very powerful tick killer and prevention liquid. I am not sure if Malaysia carry this brand. I am going to bath sweety with it tml. I will let you know if its useful anot.

Hai.. its so frustrating.)

Enough whining lets hope everybody weekend is more exciting than mine.

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Hate You!!!!!

You cause me to be shaven down.

Oh....... Last week, i was booasting abt my coat and keeping it long enough to trim a poodle teddy bear cut.. Now its all over. BACK to square one..

The culprits that caused my coat to be shaven down.

All of them drown inside the mixture of oil and soapy water.

A close up on one of them! TICKS!!!!

I hate you i hate you i hate you...

Now... i am back to my nearly naked fur coat... I feel so cold....

(JJ: Pardon us for being such a drama mamma.

As all of you know, i had been trying to keep sweety coat as long as possible to trim into the teddy bear cut. A unforunate thing happen, my parents took sweety out on the normal sunday routine, they stubble upon a tick infested area unknowingly. When we realise it, it was too late. On Monday morning, we found ticks at numerous places on her body. Use the tweezer to pull them out and drown them in mixture or burn them. We had to shave her down as this is the easilest way to spot any ticks. We took all the necessary control. Frontline spot on her ytd, tink we found a few dead ticks today. The home groomer came today to shave her down. We use the blower and happy to say. Sweety is tick-free for now.

The next few days will be cruicial to us. We will monitor her and see if the infestion spread to the house. I hope not. So far.. all the ticks we caught had been males. No female yet. Keeping our fingers crossed here.

On the side note, sweety is still energtic and bouncy. Think she is enjoying all the attention she is getting. As she recieve up to abt 6 massages by us everyday as we comb thru her fur coat.
She is extremly happy after we shave her down. I guess she felt so much lighter.. Haha.

We will keep up with the battle and update you guys as soon as the war is over.

Do pray for us that the infestion did not spread into our house!)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

One year Anniversary!

TaDaa~~~ my new hair cut!

Nah.. Its not a new haircut.. This is how i look when i arrived in JJ house 1 yr ago!
Look how much i had change. JJ kept my fur longer and alot of pp was saying.. i grew fatter.
Its not ok... Its because of the fur.... I am not FAT!
This is ME now. JJ decided to dress me up in the clothes she brought.

First, Its the sailor dress!

Hm.. as you can see.. i am not in the mood to take foto.

Well... You need to be paid when you are doing a job.

Alrite, I am ready to go again.

I know i look fat in this dress. I can tell u... JJ brought a size smaller for me! I din grow fatter.

Close up!

I love to look at JJ when i am waiting at the main door.
Will like to say thank you to Boo boo and bond's Gal Gal. We had recieved the toy tt JJ won in the forum contest. PS: will update that in another post.
Lots of Love,

Friday, October 5, 2007

Goodbye Herbie

This is so sudden....

Herbie had left us...

Herbie is one of the 1st dog blog that JJ know of and its was him that spark us to write a blog.

JJ got her D40 as she wanna be like herbie mummy who took beautiful pictures of him.

Its so overwhelming..... JJ is lost for words when she knew of the news.

Although we only met once, Herbie you will always be in our mind.

And We will always be your no. 1 fan.

Rest in Peace Herbie.

Lots of Love,

Its Friday

Hi Everyone,

Sorry i haven't been blogging the last few days.

JJ and me had been a bit busy...... so din have the time to blog this few days.

Thanks for the lovely comments on my new dog tag. JJ decided 3 is too much.. So now, i am just wearing the new tag.

JJ was busy taking my fotos last Saturday but due to her busyness.. she haven got time to rescale them. So i am gonna bug her to do tt asap.

I wanna show you guys my latest photoshoot!

Tomorrow is the weekend, i hope all of you had a great time!

Scrabby korkor, Cookie had his cataract yesterday, hope he is recovering well from it.
My friend, Bee bee had a blog too! Do give him your support!

Lots of Love,