Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jie Jie I can swim!

Hi Everyone!

Greetings from Mei Jie Jie! As you have probably occasionally seen my name and even my legs (thanks to socky) in this space, i am Mei JJ and i am proud to be part of Sweety's life. Due to JJ's busy schedule, i will be updating you guys out there on the happenings in sunny Singapore.

As the title states, guess most of you guys have a hunch where i have been to. I woke up on a lazy Saturday morning and was told i will be going to the little island in Singapore, Sentosa. Say Ya-ba-da-ba-doo!

First stop was to Turf City where Pang Kor Kor had to settle some stuff for his new car. Heard the words new car, i am going to have my butt sit in a brand new Axio soon! While waiting for the hoosman to finish their lunch, Simon Kor Kor kept me entertained, of course by feeding me. Hehe!

Finally after the hoosman lunch, we set off for Sentosa. The journey was a tad too long, so i took a nap on JJ's leg.

Upon my surprise, we were approaching Sentosa in just less than 30 minutes. Once at the Sentosa Gateway, i was wondering why didnt the staff asked me to pay for the Admission fee. Am I invisible? Sob.

Once we found a spot to set out mats, JJ happily brought me to the waters. But only to find that i was not that keen to get myself wet. Haha!

Then Simon Kor Kor get geared up for his tanning and he brought me into the waters. Which i amazing swim! Guess i found a sense of security with a life guard by my side!

See how wet i look?

After my first successful swim, i got brought into the waters again. And see, this time i could swim much better. Say wee~

Thats a satisfied swim!

After swimming for more than 2hours, JJ brought me for a quick shower. And i was forced to wear their shades and be a Chanel dog. How stupid do i look?!

Soon we call it a day at sunny Sentosa and everyone got washed up and proceed to East Coast Park for dinner. There, i rolled myself on a patch of grass and god, it made JJ clean me up a bit. Naughty me yes? Haha! After the hoosman dinner at Carl's Junior and we all headed home. And to everyone's surprise, i was not like a dead log today, even after a whole day of fun yesterday!