Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Xmas~~~

Hi Doggies and Girl girl,

Its XMAS!!! Its finally here! Sorrying for disappearing recently, we had been a little busy with some stuff. I hope all had recieve my xmas cards~ hehe

Anyway alot of good things happen this xmas~

1st, last saturday, Daddy won a little 4d prize with my dog license no. See that 183775? Daddy brought 3775 and won himself a 300 bucks~ JJ is eyeing on a 50 bucks from him to buy treats for me as i contributed in this prize too!

2nd, I won myself a Xmas gift~ JJ post this silly pic of mine into her forum's funniest xmas outfit compeition. I am glad to say the SULKING SANTA WON!!!!
I got myself a free photoshoot session with mens @ work~ JJ say she might be bring me there for my CNY shoot~

LAstly! I did a final count of all the xmas cards that is address to me~ I got 8 in total!
JJ only got 3 xmas cards from her best friend. I got 8 and best of all its coming from different country. I recieve cards from Singapore, USA, Japan and Australia

I am so so so proud of all the cards i recieve! JJ say.... i very guai nowadays. i know how to keep still while she is taking photo~ hahaha

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Xmas Cards

Hi doggies and girl girl.

I hope everybody wkend is great! I send out all the cards on Monday especially those overseas mail. Local ones i am still writting so some people might recieve it later.

I recieved 3 Xmas card so far~ Girl girl, YY and Maggie cards.
That evil JJ take tons of shoot just to select these few pics to blog. Poor me....

JJ dun like this picture.... so gotta retake

Maggie and Mitch card 1st time we recieve mail from USA. Its very nice!!

This is yy card its so nice!!

Best photo of the Day!

Ok.... i had enough... i dun wanna pose anymore....

PS: Notice i been wearing a t shirt nowadays.. Singapore is a water baby now.. it jus keep raining n raining and raining... i get to wear this t shirt of rainy days to keep me warm.
(JJ: we notice as the weather get colder.. Sweety is sort of in her hibernation mode. lazing around and naping.. plain lazy :P)

Lots of love,

Thursday, December 6, 2007

X'mas photoshoot and cards~~

Hi Doggies and Girlgirl,

I hope the past week is a great week for everyone~ Tml is friday!! the wkend is here~~~

Last Saturday, JJ dress me up.. like santa claus... A red outfit completed with a mini hat for dog and a scarf. Surprise rite? and its dirt cheap! JJ in total spend 4 bucks hehe. For doggies in singapore, JJ brought it from Daiso in IMM! She brought it last mth and i hope there is still stocks for everybody!

Ok, I tink. i am begining to hate taking photos... I had been dressed up, had to sit properly and must smile somemore.. Anyway... i did a pretty good job. As i left JJ vexing which photo to choose to make into a X'mas postcard~

Below is JJ fav photos:







After a long discussion with pang korkor.. they decided that a Xmas card should be happy and smiling face de...
So.. they chose this!!!

This is the final outlook tt is send for printing.

The printing is quite fast~ JJ got it in just 2 days! It arrive to us ytd and here i am with the card~

And i recieved my 1st X'mas card ever~ From our dearest Girlgirl.

Its really really lovely, JJ really like the card and your picture!
We are guessing you and Eil must be a purple fanatic hehee So cute!!! Eil Photoshop skill is good!

Heres me with her card! I can even feel girlgirl "fur" in the card!

Thank you Girl girl and Eil~ We are gonna get really busy~ Hehe Gonna start writing the cardS
Those whu have email me your address, we will be sending you our Xmas card really soon~

Lots of Love,

Monday, December 3, 2007

I been awarded!

I been awarded by my dear friend Scrabby.

This award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun."I feel very honoured to have received this award.
Thank you, Scrabby! I would like to tag the above game and pass this award to the following of my friends.

Lots of Love,


Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Birthday Presents! Thank you UME!

Hi Doggies and Girlgirl,

I hope everybody weekend is fantastic!

Thank you UME for your lovely presents!

Wow, the parcel is abt the same size as me. hehehe my 1st every present!

Tadaa~ the contents! JJ only allowed me to eat the greenie and played with Mr. Rudolph.
I got too many toys le.. JJ say.. she will release MR burger out when one of the toy is... hm.. dead...

I love munching on greenie!

O ya... a side note.. JJ is super excited over the wkend... She planning the Xmas card shooting...

She is super happy because she brought a Flashlight called SB-600 to add on to her D40.......
Super happy with the results! Cleared pictures even indoors or during the night!
Tadaa.. heres a test pic... (PS: i am a black dog, JJ realise that even the external flashlight doesn't help in "brightening" up my features.... But... the test shot on the human showed that JJ made a very very wise choice to buy the flashlight. Due to the No-human face rule, i shall not post the pics up here)

Tadaa~~~ now... JJ can take even more pics of me... whether outdoors or indoors~
Hm... i duno to feel happy or sad... coz.... tt means i gotta pose even more.......

I already done with my Xmas photoshoot, not really in my best mood together.. The pictures are not so nice in JJ opinions.. So we might reshoot if there is time...
We had sourced out a company tt prints postcards. Hehee... and its near JJ office.

I will post my Xmas photoshoot in a couple of days.

O ya, To my regular readers! i wanna send a Xmas card to u!

Please send me a pawmail to containing your mailing address so that i can send you a xmas card.

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

8 Random facts abt me!

Hi Doggies and Girlgirl,

My overdue tag~

I am tagged by Yang Yang and Lacy and i am suppose to do the following,

1)List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself
2)Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them )
3)Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

8 Facts about Me!

1) I am my family's 1st dog! Before that, we only have a hamsterrier called babe.
2) I whine, muffle and bark in my dreams when i play too much in the day.
3) I love to jump alot, up and down the chairs, benches, sofa and beds.
4) I love to eat, anything and everything! I even mistaken a remote control as a muchie before. JJ trick me into bitting it... She told me its a treat, so.. i decided to rather miss it.. take a bit of it 1st!
5) I am abt 80% slient, barking only when i hear the "garang guni horn" and when i begging daddy to give food to me.
6) I have no sense of danger when i meet stranger. I wag my tail and beg for them to sayang me
7) I love sleeping on my hoosmans bed and suffocate them with my fur!
8) In my family, i gotta work hard for my own food.... Nothing is for free...

Ok folks!
TT is 8 random facts abt me!

The 8 friends i am going to tag will be Scrabby, Ume, Happy, Zen, Bond, Boo boo, BeeBee and Amber.

Due to my slowness, i think most of the blogger i mentioned had already done these random facts! Hehe

Now, i shall go and inform them abt my tag.. byez~

Lots of Love,

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Love to Supervise

Hi Doggies and Girl Girl,

The wkend is finally here! One good news, this wkend, JJ do not have to go back office! She is free~~~ Finally, i am able to sleep beside her till 10+ am hehee. She is a lazy pig when it comes to waking up on a non working day.

Anyway! I love to supervise! I love to sit next to mummy when she is preparing the family meal on the floor.

First, i will sit close to her, but yet not so close for her to notice and yell at me.

Then, I pretend to be tired and lie down, but I will inch closer to the "food"

If mummy never notice, i will focus my full attention and wait patiently for any food tt fall within my mouth territory.

Apparently, i caught mummy attention. As its boiled chicken breast, i can eat!
Nothing in this world is for free, if u wanna get it, u gotta work for it!

Attention and FOCUS!

Trying to snipe it off mummy finger!

Focus! Focus! never leave ur eyes off the target!

Serious looking isn't it!

Life is hard.... For tt tiny piece of breast meat, i gotta wait and wait till JJ had enough photo to satisfy her....

JJ went shopping today, she brought new stuff for me! boy i am so happy abt the new items.

Shall keep you guys in suspense first, let me find a nice day with the correct setting to take a nice photo of the new stuff that JJ brought!

TT all~

Take care everybody, Doggies in SG, weather is cold nowadays. Keep urself warm ya?

Lots of Love,

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Birthday celebration! SUPER IMAGE INTENSIVE

Hi Doggies and Girlgirl,

Sorry for the very overdue post. JJ has been far too busy nowadays, coming home much later than usual. I only got the chance to blog today as she came home early, as in the usual time. Hehe

Anyway, last week was my birthday! I was suppose to join paw and the others in a BBq gathering for the Nov babies. But something crop up and we can't go.

Since i am only available in the morning, YY mummy is really sweet! She invited me n JJ to Pawtobello for a breakfast and then later to the dog run! It was so exciting.
I met a "new" friend too. actually its a friend tt i seen b4 but i dun tink i played with him. He is also called "yang yang" hehe but he is a black poodle! He is very "MAN".
I haven met YY for quite sometime. I was in my rare dog playing mode and played with YY on the car, at the cafe, at the dog run and back at the car... JJ and YY mummy were shaking their heads all the time. Haha

Look! Massive poodle gathering at the cafe! There is 7 of us. I wasn't in the picture, i think i was busy sniffing some other stuff!

Tadaa~ i love the chairs and the tables there...

This is suppose to be YY food.. but i steal it. Sorry YY! it was too delicious to resist.

YY looking very serious!

Kim! YY biological sister

YY checking out with a very small poodle pup. 4 month old only. boy she is a fiesty little thing.

The only group picture tt we manage to take at the cafe.

Next! Its my fav activity, The dog RUN!!!!!!!

ok... i am in my rare "self-high" mode. Check me rolling and rolling on the floor.
(JJ: ur lucky tt the patch u rolled on is not mud.. if not.... hiak hiak hiak)

A Messy but accomplished roller!

Its YY~ JJ cannot resist taking photos of him!

Isn't the running shots cute? JJ is testing the burst frame function of her camera. The images are slightly unfocus, She is working on it!

What do dogs do when they go dog run? They RUN!!!!

This is the other yang yang! Isn't he handsome. His mummy was worried that he will look too dark in photos. JJ showed off by saying her D40 will be able to take nice pictures of him. As i am a black dog too, if my shots turn out not all black, we dun think his will too!

I love his fur flying in the air.. Tt reminds me.. I miss my furry coat!

Fav shot, JJ took this so that maybe his mummy can use it as a wallpaper!

Bang!I am dead!

Group shots again!

Ok... Good times pass really fast. Even though its only a few hours but its really fullfilling!
I am soooooooo tired on tt day...

Lots of Love,

Lets keep out finger cross and hope tt JJ will pass her very busy period quickly so that i can blog more often!