Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Me and My Pink Stool!

Hi Doggies and Girl girl,

I did a revamp on the way i display my pictures. JJ felt that its a bit too boring to display pic by pic and so we decided to collage the pictures together. Do give us ur comments on it!

JJ went to alot of places this wkend. On saturday, she went to Ikea Tampiness, i heard its a really big warehouse! She brought this super pink stool which she wanna use it as her photoshoot prop. Of coz, i am the model.

Tadaa~ here are the photos that we think is pretty good. hehehe

That women went to the Zoo on Sunday. She can't bring me there as the singapore zoo doesn't allow visitors to bring pets in. Since she can't bring me, she brought her D40 instead.

She is still organising the photos. We will show it in this manner on the next post!

Do give us comments on the photo layout!

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Outdated Malacca trip

Hi doggies and Girlgirl,

Here it is, the very outdated malacca trip! Hehe.

As some of you might know, JJ had dump me at YY house and went malacca with all the rest of the family. We went to Bibi's owner hometown which is malacca. Its a nice place by the sea.

As Bibi owner family live in those kampong house. JJ had the chance to experience the Kampong lifestyle~ hehe. JJ thought she might have the chance to take pics of cats as there is a lot of cats in their house. But this time round, its all dogs! woohoo.. another fab moment for JJ to snaps tons n tons of photo. I pity the dogs.. hahaha

Introducing the 3 residents~

This cute CHH is super duper adorable!!!!


She is super small size too. get really excited when JJ go near her. How i wish i can meet her in person.

The 2 puppies, they should grow to be quite big size. Now abt less than 4 mths, they are the same size as the CHH. very cute but super notti and hyperactive.

This is the more quiet one....

But... dun be bluff by the below dog... He is the super mischievious one. haha These photos are taken as he is taken a break from his playtime!

The hynotised moment. when they are flip on their back, they lied very still. haha its very funny.

JJ fav pic! I tink the next time we saw them, they will look very very different!

Enough dogs~ Let look at some other interesting pic that JJ took.

This shy boy is bibi owner nephew. He is very camera shy but he loves to see the pics that JJ took. JJ loves this as it is very candid.

The delicious pineapple tart that is straight out of the oven. I tink each of them brought 2-4 boxes to bring back for their colleagues and friends.

JJ love these flowers.

These colourful wooden clogs really brighten up everybody day! We exceptionally love the cute cartoon charactors on it.

TT abt all the interesting photos that JJ took~ I hope you like it as much as we do!

Feel free to comments on the photos so that JJ can improve!

Lots of Love,

Thank you Lacy-lulu!

Hi doggies,

I been awarded by Lacy-lulu with this wonderful award called "you made my day". Thank you so much lacy. You made my day too!

The rules are to pass the award along to up to 10 people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland.

The dog blogger that made my day are~
1. Girl Girl
2. Maggie and Mitch
3. Amber-mae
4. Yang Yang
5. River
6. Scrabby
7. Ume
8. Precious
9. Bee bee
10. Back to lacy-lulu! hee

They never fail to make my day!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy 2008!

Hi Everybody~ Happy 2008!

Sorry for disappearing from the blogging world recently. My family dump me at Yang yang house over the wkend last wk. JJ they all went to malacca for 4 days~ leaving me to create havoc in YY house. Sorry Liz jj that i pee-ed on ur bed.
I totally enjoyed my 4 days stay over at YY house. Its like a 10-star hotel stay~ wohoo. hehee

Anyway, JJ brought her D40 to Malaysia instead of me. (JJ: silly girl, if i can bring you over.. i dun tink u will be able to come back in sg anyway.) She told me there is some cute doggies at her friend house in malacca and she had taken tons of pic of them. JJ say... she will update those next time, those images required some time to process.

Tadaaa~~~ This is how i look now. Hehee this round the photos are taken by JJ SE W550i so the pics are not as clear as her D40. JJ say... she will be booking a grooming session maybe during the last wk b4 CNY so that i can be pretty pretty for CNY~

Yawn.... JJ had draged me to take some "couple" shots with her, but those are not to be uploaded here.. I wondered when can i quit being a model.

Lots of Love,