Monday, August 27, 2007

SKC show

Hi Everyone, Hope you guys have a great wkend.

JJ took me to the long awaited SKC show. Actually it holds quarterly in Singapore and JJ had miss 3 shows already. This time, she is bringing me and we had some friends going along with us.

Introducing Camry and the happy tongue licking dog is vodka, Jojo brother.

JJ and YY mummy decided to leash us together. Using my new rogz multi purpose leash. Will explain more on the leash next time. See.. YY is charging at me.

We saw the largest dog! Pang kor kor spot this guy. I tink.. if he stands on his hind legs.. will be taller than JJ. JJ is a shortie.. she is only 1.52m.

To 2 of the smallest!

Tadaa~ the baby maltese at one of the stalls. JJ got the honour to carry it and let this little fellow lick her all over. JJ nearly wanna dognaped this little gal. Think GG-Eil also saw this maltese.

And this kimono dress maltese. This is so so so pawfully CUTE!!!! It was trotting happily around her owners with a bunch of pp crowding around it trying to take pic. See the size of the maltese next to the little gal.

Next, we met up with some old friends~ This is Angel. The last time we saw her was at the NDW. But stupid JJ forget to take her pic then.

And some new friends. This is Monster. A designer dog. Sheltie + Poodle Cross
She is very very loving. She keep kissing JJ all over. Nearly knocking her down.

Then everybody is tired. Look. YY taking a break.

Then he is focused again. Know what he is looking so intensly at. Its ME!
hiak hiak.

After some crazy shopping and walking. Its time to leave~

Forget to mention. This handsome Chi hua hua is Chevo. Camry brother. Charming isn't he.
See yy and camry dozing in Lala land~

Back at home, I realise tt JJ brought a lot of things for me.

She brought:
1. 2 yrs of clubpet, got a bunch of goodies.
2. brought another super water absorbing towel
3. A zaines boot toy
4. Being an auntie, she cannot resist the Cosi Milk giveaway
5. A photoshoot

Talk abt saving money... snigger away....

There is this book tt caught her attention at the Show.

As some pp say i am a designer dog. JJ decided to borrow it to see if there is any thing related abt me.

Sure enough,

Look! schnoodles.

And the best gift of all! My 1st photoshoot.

Lots of Love,

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rainy Season

Last week, singapore has been raining cats and dogs over the wkend... I am traped at home.

See the intensity of the rain, there is no way JJ will take me out anywhere with this kind of weather.

What do i do.. i SULK!! and sulk even more when JJ tried to cover me in this baby blanket with a hood...

This is the nicest shot i got with the blanket coz i am just not in the mood to take photo.

That was the Saturday. Lets hope Sunday will be better!

NO!!! it din....
Its still raining....... But this time.. i am outside cause its the wkend fishing outing. The hoosman wouldn't not just throw me at home.

Things wasn't improving when i reach the place where we fished.. Me and bibi are strap to our chairs and hiding away from the rain.
See the pink umbrella sheltering us.
I pray for good weather this wkend. I be busy going to JJ forum bbq and the SKC show!!
Looking really forward to the SKC show.
Lots of Love,

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bibi and Zoom Groom

Anybody remembers Bibi?

Everytime she stay over at our house, its like a beauty makeover. JJ will have all kinds of grooming stuff to try on her.

See, she been groomed by a Zoom Groom. JJ borrowed it from Paw mummy to be used originally on me. But too bad.. i am a maltese, poodle kind of coat. Zoom groom will get struck on me.

Zoom Groom works really well on bibi, remove tons of dead fur from her body. Shocking mummy to the extend of asking JJ to stop, incase Bibi become bald due to the brushing.

See the amount of dead hair and thats just a part of it.

I tink Zoom groom will help River too.
Anyway, these pic are taken when bibi is over to stay.

This wkend, we meet up again for our typical sunday fishing outing. Its raining like cats and dogs. Heard from Amber that Malaysia is also raining. The weather is so cold nowadays.

JJ was very cautious with bathing me at night yesterday, she was afraid that i might catch a cold. But i am still alrite.

Ps: Mr rainbow is back as good as new. Will post his recovery pic! And i am still attacking him. He is my FAv toy now.

Lots of Love,

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My 1st destroyed toy

Victim: Rainbow Dog Bone (Mr rainbow for short)
Lifespan: 1 wk. Brought from NDW

Tadaa~ My 1st destroyed toy. To tink JJ thought i am a gently player. HAHA i prove her wrong!

Close up of me killing my victim

Close up on the "wound"

The Killer with the happy Smile.

PS: Mr Rainbow is on his route of recovery. He is currently admited into mummy sewing ward.
We will see him in a while.

Anyway, i duno if anybody notice, JJ has incidentally deleted my banner jpg.. TT y there is no more pics of me at the top of the page. We will fix this problem ASAP.

Sorry for the slow response, JJ been oting alot this few days and by the time she come back. I am too tired to blog too.

Bear with me.. the project is coming to an end.. tt wat i heard. haha

This is a long PS. Hope all is well for everyone.

And i will pray for herbie too! hope he is well.

Lots of Love,

Saturday, August 11, 2007

National Dog Walk 2007

Hi Everyone,

The long awaited entry is here!

The national dog walk is held last sunday at west coast dog run.

I had a great time hanging out with Snowy, Angel and Paw. Jojo and YY are not there as their mummy rent a stall there to sell human food like steam corn and fishballs. As JJ and paw mummy are helping out too, we reach the dog run at around 2pm.

Snowy, Paw and me had the priviledge to run around the dog run before the crowds get here.
JJ as usual, din have the time to take picture of us exploring the place, as half the time she spent was screaming at me for rolling in the mud. I love MUD!

Come let me introduce Snowy, this pretty maltese and me look alike. Hehe when we are sitting next to each other, we look like the same breed except different colours.
Once again, i am wondering if i am a maltese poodle mix.

JJ told paw mummy abt my theory and she told JJ to dream abt it. *sulk*

Finally, the stall has been set up and we are ready to go for the dog walk.
Paw, Angel and me set off to the starting point.
Upon reaching the starting point, Angel and her mummy decided to go find other friends.

So the rest of us decided to continue and go to Mac to buy ICECREAM!

Me and Paw power walking.

Something caught our attention.

We had a short break when we reach MAC, we even have icecream. No pictures again *cry* JJ hands are dirty from feeding me icecream.

While walking back, we spotted a friend. He is Paddy.
He is a very loveable boy and HE is up for adoption! His fosterer took him to this dog walk to see if there is any chance of meeting potential owners!

Isn't he handsome. If anybody is interested. Do leave me a note, i can help you to contact the fosterer.

Thats us chilling out with Paddy

When we finally reach the dog run again. We were overwhelm with the populations.
There are so many people and dogs.

Then.. the rest is history, as JJ was busy helping out with the stall.

But i am glad she still remembers to go shopping for my stuff.
She got a hair dryer stand, a bone soft toy and a I LOVE SINGAPORE bandana.

Anyway Happy Belated Birthday Singapore!

We Love you.

Lots of Love,

PS: Ume we din manage to spot u on the dog run, there is just too many umes look alike. JJ wanted to be silly and call every silky UME to see if it responds.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Updates~ lazy....

Hi everyone,

I am still alive and kicking. Its just that i been kicked by the lazy bug~

JJ been coming home late too.. but it doesn't give her the excuse to be lazy..

Anyway, Bibi is over at my house as her hoomans are in Malaysia again.

We had a good day hanging out together ytd

Tt all, i will update the rest at nite i think.

JJ is properly going to borrow the double lead from my neighbour again. I heard news of a long walk on Saturday

Thanks to all the doggies for dropping by

Lots of Love,