Monday, June 25, 2007

pawtobello cafe

Sorry for the delay, my internet connection had been bulling me for the past few days.

Presenting, my friends and a day out chilling at the Pawtobello Cafe.

The first dog i met was Yang Yang. Sorry i growled at you when i first met you. But in the end we still become pretty good friend. Read more and you will know~

(Jiejie: I realise that sweety is selective towards the dogs she wanna play with. She responds differently everytime she meets a new dog. Some she will growl, some she will ignore and seldom will she engage in a play with a dog.)

We took a cab together to the cafe. Jiejie and YY mummy is busy controling the situation. YY was wanting to play with me, whereas me being a little shy.. Growl at him... Was scolded by jiejie for that.

The next dog we met was Jojo, she is beautiful dressed in a tiered summer dress~ And do notice she is pretty unique, she is white JRT. Seldom do we see a pure white JRT with no patches.
I din really played with her but we settle together quite well~

Last of all was BeeBee, He is the big brother in our gang. I met him a couple of times too.
See his blue bagpack?
His daddy told us, Beebee should learn to carry his own things around. They make him carry his own wet tissue and light stuff around. If jiejie is ever buying me a bag, i will request for a hp! haha.

Hm.. This is the only group picture we manage to take.

The rest of the time, We were busy checking out the other dogs and the cafe. As usual, when jiejie is busy gossiping, she will forget to snap pictures... thus... we lack a lot of pictures this time again!!!!

But overall, for a 1st timer, i will say pawtobello is quite well kept. They offered a dog menu too~
I ate banana and apple crepe. If i were to visit the cafe again, i make sure jiejie snap more pictures of the cafe.

Ok, on the way home was the exciting part.
Once again, me and yang yang are alone.

Yang yang is really very affectionate. He keep kissing me in the taxi. shy~
He is so sweet and you know what i did. instead of growling at him like i did when i first met him.

I smack him with my paw and rough play with him in the taxi!!

I be meeting all of them again this wkend~ Looking forward to our next gathering peeps.

Lots of love~


Hi everyone,

Before my trip to the cafe, i had met Mr crab and his relatives.
Mummy is cooking up a feast on saturday~ She is cooking the Famous Chili Crab~
She brought Mr Crab and 5 of his relatives and she decided to let Mr Crab meet me.

First Contact with Mr Crab, he seems quite calm. But when i tried to check him out, he walked sideways and went hiding under the dinning table. hehe

Smelling his relatives
I soon lost interest in playing with them and i left them alone.
When i reach home, i can't find Mr crab and friends anymore.. Of coz, they became the end product for my family stomach~ hehe
NOTE: The above interaction with the crabs are done with supervision and care. All crabs pinscer had been firmly secured with a string.
Thats why we allow sweety to get tt close to a crab. It sure is fun to her~

Friday, June 22, 2007

Meeting: pawtobello Cafe

Hi peeps,

I be going to the pawtobello cafe tomorrow. Its a newly open dog cafe.

I be meeting :

Yang Yang, Toy poodle. Sorry for mistaking ur breed size. hehe
Jojo, JRT
and Beebee also another JRT

Its gonna be a fun day~

I make sure jiejie bring her cam tomorrow~

Tt all folks


Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hi Everyone,

Remember jiejie brought a dehydrator for me?

We finally used it on Monday.

See the photos below:

(hm... its not an error... there is no photo...)

Because my stupid jiejie only took pictures of the before drying food.. SHE DIN took any pictures of the final product!!!

So mad at her...

I can't show any of you how the final product looks like....

I told her.. i gotta show my dogs blog pals the drying results and hehee...

We are going to dry a batch on SATurday! and this time we got a friend joining me..

Yangyang, standard poodle, edited: Toy Poodle , will be coming over to play with me~

So excited!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Hi people,

Sorry for Mia-ing so long. I am still alive and kicking. It was lazy jiejie whu refuse to log on the computer to give me a spare 15 mins for updating tis few weeks.

Just a quick update:

- I been crowned the coconut tree gal..

- Jiejie finally brought the dehydrator machine and from now on.. i be enjoying preservative free dried treats~

Arms wide open for my dried pork loin, heart and liver!!!

PS: Sorry ume, i had not response to ur tag yet. Will do it asap

Thats all Folks~~