Friday, May 25, 2007

Navy Open house

Hi Everyone,

This wkend is the Singapore Navy Open house.
Of coz.. dogs are no allowed in such places as usual.. so i din get to tag along with jiejie to the open house to see the big ships and the chance to sail out.

Luckily jiejie still got my heart...
She brought me a mini cap along with her Hp strap.
The figurine in the picture is the Navy specialist officer which is pang kor kor job. hehehe

Actually the minicap is not for dog.. but simon korkor give jiejie the idea of modifing it.. so... Tadaaa.. see the close up of the stichs... show how "skillful" jiejie its when it comes to sewing. hehe

But its oki, wats more important is that i got my new Cap!!!

Am i cool???

To go with the navy sailing theme, i decided to dress up with the ocassion.
See, i wore my sailor dress and my props. Mr Sun, Miss ducky and my life buoy.

I dun wanna take picture..

I hope it doesn't look dangerous to u.. This is my favourite pose when i am on jiejie bed.. i love looking out to check out the neighbouring blocks.

Picture of the day, after countless rejected photo.
Finally i came up with a decent picture!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


My first video upload~

Special thanks to pang korkor for helping me convert my movie to a smaller version.

This is how excited i am when i saw my favorite treats!
Its a dental chewy treat which i can chew on slowly and it helps to keep my teeth clean~ Jiejie say she notice improvement in my teeth care~

IT question

Hi everybody..

i notice that alot of you had change the comments buttons to different titles like airbarks from maggie, woof and things like tt..

i am a newbie in Blogging... can any1 teach me how to change my comments text to woof or something like tt....

pretty please??

Thanx in advance~

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


As you all know, every morning, i will sleep with jie jie for a while till her alarm ring and she reluctanly get up.

Sometimes i will share her pillow and this is my new sleeping position. I sleep on her....

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tied Together

Tie together day~~~

Remember my dog-sister, bibi. She is staying here over the wkend~

Today is Sat, which means bathing and long walk day!!!

So.. my clever jie went to borrow a twin lead from our dear neighbour.
Today weather is terrific too.. Very hot and sunny.

As we wait to go out

Tadaa~~~ Walking together in action

Only bibi smile at the camera, i was busy checking out the datas left by other dogs.

Pausing for a short break

Finally!! home!!!!

It was a enjoyable walk. A great sucess to jiejie 1st attempt of walking 2 dogs at the same time.

Luckily, bibi and I gave her a lot of "face". We din head in different direction. Most of the time, we walked together. While i check out the grass, bibi will wait for me.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

New stuff!!!


My long awaited tag had arrived!!!!
See~~~~~ its so pretty and so light!!!!

Jiejie made this for me from a spree organise by her fellow forum friends.
Its from
Yap all the way from Australia~~~

Jiejie went shopping with pang korkor at IKEA on labour day~
This is what they brought:
"Cat" house. (-_-)

I tried my best to give the house a try....

(Jiejie: Till now.. she only enter the house willingly once.. haha)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Hi everybody,

sorry for not blogging tis few days. quite a bit of things are happening around me. not much time to blog down things too. hehe

will try to do it tis few days.

Anyway Bibi, my CKCS sister, is coming over to stay for the wkend as her M are going to malaysian to attend wedding. hehe

Jiejie keep telling Bibi M tt bibi is coming for a 2day 1 nite luxury stay! hehe

i better remember to charge my camera battery.. hehee