Thursday, May 3, 2007

New stuff!!!


My long awaited tag had arrived!!!!
See~~~~~ its so pretty and so light!!!!

Jiejie made this for me from a spree organise by her fellow forum friends.
Its from
Yap all the way from Australia~~~

Jiejie went shopping with pang korkor at IKEA on labour day~
This is what they brought:
"Cat" house. (-_-)

I tried my best to give the house a try....

(Jiejie: Till now.. she only enter the house willingly once.. haha)


Maggie said...

Love your new tag Sweety! How pretty it is!
Now about this cat house-hummmmmmmm - this isn't for a kitty, right? You're no cat! That's pretty obvious!

Love ya lots,

~Sweety baby~ said...

thanx maggie~

the cat house part... hm....
my human tink its oki for me to go into a kitty house... hahaha

coz i loves hiding under the table n bed nowadays.. so the human thought i will like a shelter over my head...

thus the cat house.. coz ikea got no dog house.. haha