Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Hi everybody,

sorry for not blogging tis few days. quite a bit of things are happening around me. not much time to blog down things too. hehe

will try to do it tis few days.

Anyway Bibi, my CKCS sister, is coming over to stay for the wkend as her M are going to malaysian to attend wedding. hehe

Jiejie keep telling Bibi M tt bibi is coming for a 2day 1 nite luxury stay! hehe

i better remember to charge my camera battery.. hehee


Maggie said...

Weddings are fun! My hooman sister is having one here next month and I'm not invited! Can you believe it! I sure hope you're going with your hoomans!

Love ya lots,

~Sweety baby~ said...

yap wedding are fun maggie~
seems like you are my only loyal reader!

thank you so much for supporting me!


This wkend will be fun~ bibi the ckcs will be joining us to stay over night.

nope its not my family that are attending a wedding hehe