Friday, May 25, 2007

Navy Open house

Hi Everyone,

This wkend is the Singapore Navy Open house.
Of coz.. dogs are no allowed in such places as usual.. so i din get to tag along with jiejie to the open house to see the big ships and the chance to sail out.

Luckily jiejie still got my heart...
She brought me a mini cap along with her Hp strap.
The figurine in the picture is the Navy specialist officer which is pang kor kor job. hehehe

Actually the minicap is not for dog.. but simon korkor give jiejie the idea of modifing it.. so... Tadaaa.. see the close up of the stichs... show how "skillful" jiejie its when it comes to sewing. hehe

But its oki, wats more important is that i got my new Cap!!!

Am i cool???

To go with the navy sailing theme, i decided to dress up with the ocassion.
See, i wore my sailor dress and my props. Mr Sun, Miss ducky and my life buoy.

I dun wanna take picture..

I hope it doesn't look dangerous to u.. This is my favourite pose when i am on jiejie bed.. i love looking out to check out the neighbouring blocks.

Picture of the day, after countless rejected photo.
Finally i came up with a decent picture!


Maggie said...

Your jiejie is so smart to make holes in the cap for your ears! You look so cute in your pictures!

Love ya lots,

Ume said...

Hi Sweety,
awww... u look so pwetty in dat sailor dress!
but moi no like to wear clothes...

Ume said...

Hi Sweety,
i juz tagged u! do chk out my blog!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hi Sweety, you look cute in the cap.
Love your sunny toys.

~ Girl girl

Scruffy said...

Hey Sweety Pie

You look so adorable in your sailor suit and with all your sunny toys.

The Mighty Scruff