Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Birthday Presents! Thank you UME!

Hi Doggies and Girlgirl,

I hope everybody weekend is fantastic!

Thank you UME for your lovely presents!

Wow, the parcel is abt the same size as me. hehehe my 1st every present!

Tadaa~ the contents! JJ only allowed me to eat the greenie and played with Mr. Rudolph.
I got too many toys le.. JJ say.. she will release MR burger out when one of the toy is... hm.. dead...

I love munching on greenie!

O ya... a side note.. JJ is super excited over the wkend... She planning the Xmas card shooting...

She is super happy because she brought a Flashlight called SB-600 to add on to her D40.......
Super happy with the results! Cleared pictures even indoors or during the night!
Tadaa.. heres a test pic... (PS: i am a black dog, JJ realise that even the external flashlight doesn't help in "brightening" up my features.... But... the test shot on the human showed that JJ made a very very wise choice to buy the flashlight. Due to the No-human face rule, i shall not post the pics up here)

Tadaa~~~ now... JJ can take even more pics of me... whether outdoors or indoors~
Hm... i duno to feel happy or sad... coz.... tt means i gotta pose even more.......

I already done with my Xmas photoshoot, not really in my best mood together.. The pictures are not so nice in JJ opinions.. So we might reshoot if there is time...
We had sourced out a company tt prints postcards. Hehee... and its near JJ office.

I will post my Xmas photoshoot in a couple of days.

O ya, To my regular readers! i wanna send a Xmas card to u!

Please send me a pawmail to containing your mailing address so that i can send you a xmas card.

Lots of Love,


Amber-Mae said...

Wow, your first ever pressie! I loooove greenies too. Oo, nice pictures! Sooo good that your mommy can get good clear shots even indoors. My mommy's camera cannot one, lousy! Oh my, I ran out fo cards already to send to you & others. I only have e-cards left, Is that ok with you? Btw, did you join the DWB cards exchange> I only saw a doggie name in there Sweets. I don't know if that is you or not so that's why, mommy did not print out enuf cards. Stoopid her!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Sweety. That's very nice of Ume to send you those pawsome gifts.
You look so cute in the photos. I wanna get your xmas card Sweety. Hee. I'll email you soon

~ Girl girl

Anonymous said...

Loved your photos Sweety - you are so very photogenic and your human takes fantastic pictures!!