Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Hate You!!!!!

You cause me to be shaven down.

Oh....... Last week, i was booasting abt my coat and keeping it long enough to trim a poodle teddy bear cut.. Now its all over. BACK to square one..

The culprits that caused my coat to be shaven down.

All of them drown inside the mixture of oil and soapy water.

A close up on one of them! TICKS!!!!

I hate you i hate you i hate you...

Now... i am back to my nearly naked fur coat... I feel so cold....

(JJ: Pardon us for being such a drama mamma.

As all of you know, i had been trying to keep sweety coat as long as possible to trim into the teddy bear cut. A unforunate thing happen, my parents took sweety out on the normal sunday routine, they stubble upon a tick infested area unknowingly. When we realise it, it was too late. On Monday morning, we found ticks at numerous places on her body. Use the tweezer to pull them out and drown them in mixture or burn them. We had to shave her down as this is the easilest way to spot any ticks. We took all the necessary control. Frontline spot on her ytd, tink we found a few dead ticks today. The home groomer came today to shave her down. We use the blower and happy to say. Sweety is tick-free for now.

The next few days will be cruicial to us. We will monitor her and see if the infestion spread to the house. I hope not. So far.. all the ticks we caught had been males. No female yet. Keeping our fingers crossed here.

On the side note, sweety is still energtic and bouncy. Think she is enjoying all the attention she is getting. As she recieve up to abt 6 massages by us everyday as we comb thru her fur coat.
She is extremly happy after we shave her down. I guess she felt so much lighter.. Haha.

We will keep up with the battle and update you guys as soon as the war is over.

Do pray for us that the infestion did not spread into our house!)


Maggie & Mitch said...

Oh my! This is a drastic change but Sweety, you look awesome! I really like your shorter cut! Paws are crossed that all the ticks have died! ICK - ticks are so yucky!

Love ya lots,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh dear, those ticks are nasty. I hope you got rid of every one of them. Poor you.. :(
But I'm sure your nice fur will grow out fluffy again soon. Dont worry, I'll still like you no matter you have long fur or not

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Oh you poor girl! Eventho you are now shaved bald, you still look pweetty to me except with no hair now, hehehe! But not to worry, your hair will grow back.

Amber's mommy speaking now,

Oh man, this is bad! It's the rainy season now here in Malaysia & ticks are everywhere! Can't stop them from jumping on my dogs.

After the KKB trip, Amber & Chloe were infested with disgusting TICKS! Males & females. I would just run my fingers through their coat & I would be able to feel them everywhere on their body, face, legs & tails. I would always find either a male or two stuck to a female on the same spot. That means they were breeding. So far, removed more than 30 ticks on Chloe & Amber less than 20. We've already put Spot On on three of them two weeks before the KKB trip. It's not effective at all! I've been checking for more ticks everyday becoz they go out for walks on grass so they are usually bound to get one or two back. Now, they are free of ticks but still, we are on a look out like you are *sigh* Sooo fedup actually...

Cheers & Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer & Melissa

Lacy said...

woofies sweety i finks u lookies cutes in ur new furcuts...and it wilz grow backs..baddd tickies gettin on our fend sweety...i hopeies u got em all deads now..

b safe,

pp's we had a infestation of tiny tiney ticks one year, no bigger than a pin head...those were hard to get rid of...

FleasGang said...

Those are scary looking ticks! Luckily your mom found them early. Your hair cut looks beautiful on you. We just had ours cut last weekend and now we're cold :-)

The Fleas

Snowball said...

Ewww...wwww... TICKS are HATEFUL!!! I hate ticks. I got infested with tick a few weeks back too and my hooman says that Frontline is too toxic so she didn't want to use it on me and I was marinated in ACV every alternate days and my hooman spent hours searching through me for ticks every day. Now I am cleared... PHEW.... but everytimeI bath, they still find 1-2 ticks on me. I think the grass patches near my place is badly infested. My hooman are trying to think of new places to bring me for walkie so that the ticks dun get on me again. I think getting to go new places for walkie is the only good thing that the ticks has brought me...

Peess: Frontline dun repel ticks but they kill ticks after it had bitten us. You might want to ask your mum to get you a good tick repellent. I heard that Virogone is a good brand to try.