Tuesday, April 3, 2007



Sunday..... jiejie decided not to bring me to the dog walk.. as she feels tt Pang korkor is too tired to bring both of us there... And Pang korkor leaving to Taiwan soon, so Jie got to accompany him buy his necessity..

As usual, i nua with jiejie untill 10+, she catch me to bath.

Eversince i started using #1-All system... Jiejie cannot lift her hand off my fur... she will suddenly dive her face into my fur.. and rubrub.
(jiejie: It really feels heavenly, never felt her fur go tt soft b4)

Then i am left to guard the house again...

From 1 pm till nite..... At least daddy got heart to pick me go farmmart at nite..

And.. i am not a guard dog or watch dog Dog... I failed in both...

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