Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Boring week

This week is so boring, JJ(jiejie for short) had lend her precious cam to her aunt over the wkend. She told me secretly that... if that cam is spoiled, the next cam she be getting will be a DSLR! Then she can take really pawsome and beautiful pictures of me~ wink.

O ya, thanks to all of you for liking my spins. Glad i send a few of you giddy headed too~

Anyway, Its been quite a peaceful week. So i decided to do my 7 pawsome fact.

Its been a long delay i know. hehe Sorry UME for the delay. Since its long ago, i shall just post my 7 facts but wun tag it around. hehe

1) I can spin non stop, sending most of u giddy.

2) I can walk on my hind legs and hop across the room

3) I super love daddy. When daddy carry me, i refuse to let any others to carry and will turn my face away from the person.

4) I wake daddy up everyday by lying on his chest and licking his whole face. I will sleep with JJ till she wakes up for work but i dun disturb her.

5) I am a Dobbit. Half dog half rabbit. TT wat JJ calling me. Cause i love veggies. All kinds of them. cabbage, spinach and many more. I love them raw too!

6) I love all sorts of fruits too, Durian especially. Now is the durian seasons, notice that alot of doggies in singapore are blogging their durian feast~

7) I can jump up to JJ bed in 1 leap. And tt abt 60 cm in ht.

Tt all for my 7 pawsome facts~

Hope YY had a speedy recovering from his neutering surgery~

Lots of love,



Ume said...

hi Dobbit Sweety,
thx for sharing your 7 pawsome facts with us! better late than never, rite?
u r Daddy's little girl!
n dun we all luv lew lians? so yummy!

Maggie said...

I like all vegetables too Sweety! It's healthy for us, right?

Love ya lots,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sweety.
Thanks for sharing your facts with us! That let me know you better!
I like veggies too!
Have a nice day

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Sweety, you're a Dobbit? That's so cool. Thanks for sharing with us your info

~ girl girl

Anonymous said...

It was good to learn more about you with your facts Sweety thanks!