Monday, July 23, 2007


Due to the DWB singapore icon that was posted in Girl girl blog. JJ decided to try and do a simple gif for me.

Here it is...

My 1st GIF

upon doing all these, JJ realise that there is already those nice nice frames slideshow that photobucket and other uploading picture webby will provide... hm...

beats JJ DIY gif by 100X hahaha

So.. u can see how free JJ is on Monday.. haha

Just a quick update over the wkend:

Yes Ume, JJ had register me for the National Dog walk. Hope to see you there!

JJ had been very busy reading her MR potter.. she dun have the time to bring me out. Nevermind.. i still got mummy and daddy. Lucky they took me to go fishing as usual.


Life without a camera is so boring!!

Tts all~

Lots of love,


Maggie said...

Great pictures Sweety! You sure are a cutie!

Love ya lots,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Sweety, that gif is so nice. It shows all the cute photos of you. :)

When will you get your camera back?

~ girl girl

Ume said...

at least your JJ made a great gif for u... mine? noes nutz!!!

hope to cya at the National Dog Walk!!!