Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Wkends~

Hi everyone,

Glad that most of you find me and the card gal looking very familiar~ hehe

I just pass an unusually busy wkend.
It was very exciting and new for me..

First... Lets begin on Saturday.

I am alone with JJ and Mei JJ on saturday. Daddy and mummy went Malacca with bibi hoomans. JJ decided to take us out for a spin on daddy's trajet as she just got her driving license. Of coz, do you tink daddy will leave the fate of his car on JJ hands? He agreed to let JJ drive on the accord that Simon korkor whu is mei JJ bf is in the Car, coz he is the only one with license.

It was scary, we drove from choa chu kang to east coast park.. It was really a very long journey. It seems longer due to JJ nervourness.. I protested by whining and crying.. disturbing everyone in the car.. When we reach the destination, it sounds like i really had a sore throat.

I din manage to take any pictures as Dog are illegial inside the food area. JJ smuggle me in and was warned by a civilian dressed inspector. hahaa

And on the journey home, i din make a single sound.. know y? coz its simon korkor whu is driving!

Yesterday was JJ bday, so happens that daddy dun have to work too.

They decided to bring me to Vivo City, the largest shopping mall so far in Singapore. JJ wanted to bring me to the Pet shop in the mall. Its a very unique mall, the top floor is a roof garden, but dogs are only allowed inside this petshop.

As this is the first time, JJ ever smuggle me into a mall. Got to take pictures.

This is me and my loving daddy (ssh, daddy is not suppose to know his face had been exposed)

I hated the bag that they use to carry me around.

Not to mention it was ugly looking, i just cannot stand being traped in a bag and can only see the world thru the mesh sides of the bag. How i wish Singapore will be more dog friendly.

Mummy thought of a very clever idea of carrying me around. It was influence by the way some of the humans carry their babies around.

They use a cloth and loop it thru a loop and adjust the length accordingly. I am not sure if other countries seen this, but this way of carrying babies are quite popular in sg.

So mummy went to borrow the cloth from my neighbour. Hehe.. Look at me!!

We were wondering if we go out like this, will anybody notice that its a dog popping out of the cloth instead of a baby?

Lots of Love,


Maggie said...

You look so cute being carried like a baby, Sweety! My mom could never do that cause I'm too big! I'd break her neck! You're very lucky!

Love ya lots,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

The pet safari is big with lots of treats and toys right. :)

That's a very clever way to bring you around.

~ girl girl

Ume said...

your mummy is so smart to think of the sarong (is dat what it's called?) to bring u around!
i hope i can go to pet safari @ vivo 1 day...

Amber-Mae said...

Oh Singapore also have Pet Safari, sooo cool ha? We all usually hang out there on Sundays to perform & attract more customers & to also buy more smelly beef tripes, heehee...

P/S: Yes dogs can come but only one chinese restaurant there allow dogs & the people there like dogs including the chef. Starbucks also allow but we doggies must behave coz that cafe is halal. You can also walk around there but nothing much in Genting except a themepark, hotels & casinos up there. But there's an empty carpark where you can run freely. I'll post about it tomorrow...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

PreciOus said...

Hi Sweety!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! =)

I get to go pet safari too, but is the one at Eastpoint. Hehe.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Sweety.
Looks like a very nice place to go shopping. I wish I'd had places like these here.
I've seen people carrying babies in a similar way. But here the babies are carried on the back.
I hope it works for you!
Have a nice day