Monday, July 9, 2007

Casper, The lucky POM~

Today... i smell something funny...

When jiejie 1st come home, she quickly finish her dinner and change to casual outdoor clothing.. hm.. normally when she come home, she will bath and change to her home clothes....

Then she left the house at around 8.30 without me! wonder where she went..

When she comes home... i really smell something funny... its the smell of a BOY!!!

Know what? jiejie was out with yang yang mummy and friends to look for the owner of the below dog...

He lost his way on 7th july and he was lucky to be pick up by a nice lady whu saw him crossing the road. It was a long story and it ended up being taken care by yang yang mummy and camry, chevo mummy.

So today.. They decided to go back to the scene of where he is lost. Poster was prepared to be stick around the blocks that he might live in.

Jiejie they all even went to the Vet nearby to check thru if there is any missing pom around the area. There was no good results.

It was after 10pm already, they decided to comb around the last neighbourhood where casper was attempting to cross the road.

Upon reaching the void deck of the 1st blk. Jiejie spotted a small note tt wrote the exact description of Casper including the time and date it was lost. Know what? Jiejie lost word for tt moment and was slapping on the piece of paper and calling out to camry mummy..

And true enough. CASPER HAD FOUND ITS OWNER!!!!

We were so so happy for him!!!

It turns out.. he is 7 yrs out. instead of the 5 that the vet estimated!

But great for him, nothing better than to see the one you love again!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh thank dog your jie jie and friends help Casper find his way home. His family must be very happy now

~ girl girl

Ume said...

YAY for Casper!!!
KUDOS to your Jiejie & frens!!!