Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Hello everyone,

First i would like to wish Fatbee a happy belated 9th Birthday.

Here our birthday boy, siting on his own throne. WCDR dun supply this kind of plastic chair.
His daddy diligently sling it over his shoulder and carry it all the way from Carpark 1 to the park. Note: Carpark 1 is quite a distance to the park.

See how pampered he is...

Doesn't this cake look delicious? Its a carrot and walnut cake~ Its made with human grade product so its animal and human consumption safe.
I Loved the white cream the most!

There is also muffins~ yummy!!

Sorry we din take pictures of us munching on all the great food as jiejie was busy entertaining me to eat. hehe

Next~ i would like to congrats Yang Yang!!

He did us proud. He won the Photo contest held by our local pet magazine and was on the front cover!

Look how dashing he is~~

Here our front cover man chilling under the table~

Me guarding the food as usual

See~ They are so lucky to have their stroller!
From Left to Right is Herbie, Sushi, Koko and Ena.
Aren't they pretty??

Next is Lion~
His mummy and jiejie are discussing abt how difficult it is to take a nice picture of dogs tt had the whole face black. Cannot have a good capture of the eyes..
Thats the only mass dog pic tt jiejie manage to snap. As you can see.. Yang yang is always tagging me~ Hehe i am making other gals jealous~
Last but not least.
Thanks to Yang yang mummy for preparing the simply delicious pork meatball in tomato stew!
Every one of us had our individual share with our names on it~
Me and jojo love it to the max. We finish it within mins. Look how clean our bowl is.
How i wish jiejie would learn to make such delicious HCF.
Envy Yang Yang...

I really wanna knock jiejie head le... There are so many dogs on tt day and she only manage to snap these few pic... Sorry jojo.. jiejie din caught u in action, but we had a good picture of you and ur mummy~


Ume said...

Hi Sweety,
did u go to the groomer's recently? your hair seems shorter...
ooohhh... dat looked like a great pawty for Fat Bee, yummy food! the pork meatball in tomato stew definitely got me drooling! *slurp*
n of cos, congrats to YY on my behalf! he's a gorgeous poodle dude!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Sweety. That's alot of YUMMY things to eat there... Happy barksday to Fatbee . :)

~ girl girl

~Sweety baby~ said...


My groomer is my mummy and jiejie.
Mummy say weather too hot le.. so muz cut shorter.

Sharp eyes UME

Girl girl:
Hehe yap. there is so many many nice food to eat and the weather is good!